West End and the London Bridges

Black coffee on the house

My event didn’t start until early afternoon, so I had a couple hours beforehand to walk around. A colleague recommended Carnaby Street, so I figured out how to get there on the tube and set out.

The first person I talked to was a really friendly Italian barista at a Pret on Carnaby St. He told me my black coffee was on the house because it was Friday and the sun was shining. His coworker chimed in and said, “This is house it works: we give you a paper, we give you a pen, you wrote down your number.” I didn’t have to give my number and I did get a free coffee, so this was a really nice start to my day.

London’s Bridges

From here I made my way to the London Tower, a castle on the river that I had seen from on top of The Shard. It was fun to walk around and look at it, but I didn’t go inside. I guess the Crown Jewels are in there.

The bridge was just too cool– I had to walk across it! It reminded me a lot of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with my sister, even though it was much shorter.

I grabbed a sandwich after discovering that I was not on the London Bridge, but Tower Bridge. I decided to walk to the actual London Bridge just to say that I’d done it. The view was pretty neat


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