Portsmouth, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliament 

Day one: a train to Portsmouth from London

Absolutely gorgeous day on the water. This is the historic harbor full of old ships with plenty of lovers with ice cream cones.
Fun places to eat outside above the harbor. Great place for a cold ginger beer A while back I read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I had a lovely time pretending I was her on the train back to London, sipping my gin and tonic from a can and peering into people’s yards


My hotel was a newly renovated Best Western. It had all the charm that an 18th century building should have, but with new carpet and freshly painted window sills. img_4424One of my favorite things about it was the “library bar” they had in the lobby– I never did get to sit in there, though

Hyde Park

I got back from Portsmouth as it was getting dark, but I hadn’t seen any of the city yet. I was feeling pretty jet lagged at this point, but I always try to stay up late the first couple nights to get acclimated anyways. Buckingham Palace was across Hyde Park, so I changed out of my work clothes and headed out.img_4415img_4443It was dark and all my pictures are grainy, but it was super romantic and pleasant to walk through the park as everything was settling down

Buckingham Palace


Houses of Parliament

Google searching “best pub near me”

Mashed potatoes are my favorite food, so the UK is like heaven to me


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