New York 2:5

Our first morning in the city, we woke up in my friend Christine’s parents’ apartment (which was super nice and way better than anything we could have found). We were on the upper east side and needed to get to the other side of Manhattan to drop our bags at our hotel. Our attempts to hail our first New York City taxi were unsuccessful, so the doorman came out to help us and got one right away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯IMG_3875

Our hotel is the Belnord on 78th and Broadway. We chose the most economical option: bunkbeds. They have a locked room in the back that we were able to store our luggage in while we waited for check-in time. We dropped our stuff and went to find the subway– and I think this was all before 8 am.

The Subway system was awesome– we used it constantly. This stop was less than a block away from our hotel.

Rockefeller Center

The first person we saw in New York City was Gwen Steffani on the Today Show.

We stopped at a bodega for coffee and it was so hot I had to wrap it in a bunch of napkins. Looks super cool in the picture.


Across the street from the Today Show outdoor concert was the line for Jimmy Fallon Tickets. We knew we probably wouldn’t have a chance (you’re supposed to line up at like 5 am), but we decided to stand in line and drink our coffee just in case.


We had to get our picture with FDNY– especially after one of them serenaded Alisha with a song about a girl with golden hair as we were walking by!


St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The gorgeous St. Patrick’s Cathedral


From Alisha’s Pinterest and Instagram research, we knew Ess-a-Bagel was gonna be awesome. It was.

Top of the Rock

Next, we used the first part of our Sun and Stars pass to the Top of the Rock.


Theater District

Outfit change (get used to these)


Stopped for lunch at Lindy’s


Times Square


Radio City Music Hall

Top of the Rock


The Playwrite Celtic Pub


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