New York 1:5

Let’s start with some introduction: Alisha is my big sister, and she is in love with New York City.

I found out around Christmas time that I was going to a conference in New Jersey this summer, and we immediately started scheming about ways we could squeeze a New York trip in– neither of us had ever been. The plans got pooh-poohed: it was too expensive; we need to be saving money right now; too bad.

I got a phone call from Alisha’s husband around February from a number I didn’t recognize (he was secretly calling from his work phone to avoid suspicion). Tommy wanted to surprise Alisha with a trip to New York. He told me, “Alisha talks about New York City at least once a week, and I think she thinks about it every day.” He was going to make this happen!

We got to planning, and after the flight, hotel and Broadway tickets had been booked, I put them in a manilla envelope and mailed them to Tommy’s dad (again, for stealth). The plan was to surprise Alisha with this on their wedding anniversary, which wasn’t until mid-May. The suspense was killer! In the weeks that followed, I found it difficult to even small-talk with Alisha– I thought that if I even chatted with her too long she would be able to tell I was keeping a secret and our cover would be blown. She would casually ask, “So, are you excited about your trip?” and I knew it was killing her inside.

Mother’s Day came around, and Alisha was having a rough day. Having this bombshell of a gift hidden away, Tommy decided this was the day he would let Alisha know about our plans.

Let the plans commence! The next couple months were a lot of fun because we got to scour Pinterest for the best food, coffee, and instagram-worthy spots.

Welcome to New York

Do pardon the squeeling– I was so excited to pick her up at the airport, I couldn’t even stand it! So much anticipation leading up to this day.

My dear friend, Christine, was super kind to drive me to the airport to pick up Alisha. She even let us stay at her parents’ apartment with her! Something about NJ Transit not being safe at 1 am?

As you can see from our faces, we were not hard to please. The first sights of the city were blurry and obstructed, but nothing could deflate our spirits! Tune in for the next installment to see what we did with our first day in the city.


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