What to do with your only evening in Paris

Put on some lipstick

We spent the day working and were free around 9 p.m. We gave each other about 10 minutes in the hotel to freshen up and then we were off! We didn’t want to miss a minute of our one free night in Paris.

Take the metro

This is by far the cheapest way to get around in Paris, and it’s pretty easy to figure out. It only costs a couple Euros for a two-way pass, and you can pay by credit card.

Tip: If the metro is crowded, don’t sit in the fold-up chairs. The etiquette is to stand to make more room. My American friend and I didn’t know this, and got a bunch of butts in our faces and laps because of it!


Get yourself some wine

There are a bunch of little wine shops around the Eiffel to accomplish this task.


We weren’t prepared with a bottle opener, but we were able to find smaller bottles with twist-tops.

Tip: Bring a wine bottle opener.

Procure a baguette

This lovely little lady knew I was taking a picture while my friends were ordering.



Me, feeling very self-actualized in France with a French baguette.


Isabelle, the French woman among us, also had a spiritual experience.


Pick up cheese

As this was introduced to me, “Look at all this moldy cheese that would never pass inspection in the US!”

It was glorious. We chose some goat cheese and a brie with no regrets.

Greet the skirted lady

There is a good patch of unfenced grass across from the Eiffel, and it’s the perfect spot for a late-night picnic after a long day’s work. We found our spot next to some troubadours playing sentimental alternative 90s songs and documented ourselves with glee.

Watch her sparkle

It was magical to see the Eiffel turn sparkly, sipping wine, eating cheese and bread with some newfound friends.

I honestly felt that if I only had one night in Paris, this was enough.




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